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Creepy Naked Stuff Resource

You can access the YouTube video HERE

**Please note, once the video has played Youtube may recommend videos that appear on the screen which may be inappropriate for children to view.** 

Resources for parents and children about pornorgaphy

We have been working on a new resource for parents and others to talk to children about pornography.  Most of the resources about this are either for teenagers and older young people or for youth workers.

These resources, while valuable are often too late.  Young people have often viewed pornography, before conversations with them have begun.  Parents are rarely engaged with on this issue, and as children's primary educators and supporters, parents are often best placed to have conversations with children about pornography.  

We have created a video, booklet and PowerPoint for parents and those who may want to educate parents and children about the issue of pornography.  The resources are free to use, you are welcome to share them across your networks.

Other Resources

You can access the booklet for parents by CLICKING HERE.

You can access the PowerPoint by CLICKING HERE

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