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The DAY Programme (DAY) is a comprehensive multi-media education tool that equips young people to recognise domestic abuse and exploitation and critique popular culture.

It is a unique resource that uses contemporary music, film and structured discussion to challenge the beliefs and attitudes which are at the root of domestic abuse and does so in a unique and exciting way.  

25% of girls and 18% of boys will experience physical violence from a partner and 72% of girls and 51% of boys will experience emotional abuse from a partner.  It is clear from these figures that education for young people about domestic abuse and exploitation is needed.  DAY is more than a toolkit or downloadable resource, it meets the need for a high quality replicable programme.

DAY provides excellent “train the trainer” DAY Session Leader Training to practitioners within a Local Authority.  Through working with the Local Authority, DAY is able to offer block bookings to practitioners at a reduced cost.  Once trained, practitioners receive a DAY Pack which includes:

• Session plans
• Handouts
• Set up resources
• USB memory stick with printable resources and  evaluation process
• Signposting resources

After attending DAY Session Leader Training, practitioners are invited to join the DAY Community, which provides regularly updated multi-media resources, details of new research and information that can improve practice through Email UpDAYtes and they can access ongoing support via email.  All ongoing access to the DAY Community is included within the cost of DAY Training and there are no ongoing costs for using DAY material.  All practitioners using DAY are required to attend three day “train the trainer” DAY Session Leader Training.

DAY has delivered over 35 “train the trainer” DAY Session Leader Training events and has trained over 300 practitioners who are delivering DAY in many settings across the UK including schools, youth groups, young parent groups, children’s centres, mentoring sessions, pupil referral units, domestic abuse services and to at-risk young people.  Practitioners and young people have reported that DAY has been enormously beneficial to diverse client groups and that all DAY training and resources are of an excellent quality and ensure a high standard of safe practice for practitioners and young people.


For further information about using DAY within a Local Authority, download the DAY Local Authority Information Pack by clicking here.

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